How To Win the Social Game: Be Remarkable, and Remark-able

In this TED Talk that Seth Godin gave for start-ups, he focused on being remarkable in order to succeed.  This same advice can easily be applied to a social networking strategy.

Why To Be Remarkable

It’s actually not that hard to be remarkable, or even better, remark-able.
(Remarkable: worthy of notice or attention. Remark-able: to be worthy of mention.)

In today’s world, all that people are looking for is something out of the norm, something extra-ordinary. Being remarkable is not that hard because the norm, the ordinary has a very low bar. Just meeting the bar is normal, ordinary and ‘sane’ – it’s what everyone else is doing. This is the very definition of normal and ordinary, and what we expect as ‘sane’. But people are sick and tired of the bar being so low because the low bar means they stay where they are, and most are unhappy there – that’s why they’re hungry for the remarkable.

So be remarkable to free people from the norm, to inspire them, to give them something greater than the mediocre. Or even better, be remarkable to raise the bar – we all need it. Maybe then you’ll be remark-able – and you’ve won the game.

So what’s stopping you?

The Conundrum

Herein lies the conundrum; it’s really easy to just meet the bar – at least you’re doing what everyone else is doing – the problem is that it’s close to doing nothing. And doing the very minimum to conform is done for a reason: because being remarkable can sometimes mean being heretical or ‘different’, and we all know what happens to heretics and people who are ‘different’.

Being remarkable puts you at risk. Fear of losing control of the message is the most common reason executives procrastinate embracing social media. They have trouble creating a plan for the message, because they don’t realize the message has a plan for them. It says “I’m organic – you can’t control me”. So avoid the conundrum by following the first rule of engagement in social networks – give up control, give up control, give up control, give up control.

Therefore, if control is forgiven, and if done with the principles of social networking in mind and at heart (be sincere, focus on the individuals, not all about you, be a part of the community, everyone’s a peer – best practices for business), not being afraid to use just a little of your creativity will always lead to winning the game.

But realize – the game is with yourself. Are you willing to do what it takes to be remarkable – to win the game?

How To Be Remarkable

I just told you, use a little of your creativity, let the message be organic, and keep the principles of social networking in mind and at heart.

You can start with the 5 step process for social media success.

But, if you’re afraid or can’t imagine how to do any of that, you can always pay me a lot of money and I’ll do it for you.  Contact me here if fear or lack of creativity has you stumped.

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